In 2008 Hughie flew back to Nashville to record an album with a team of like minded souls including bass player Bones Hillman (Midnight Oil),  producer/musician Mark Moffatt, drummer Steve Bowman (Counting Crows) and producer/musician Eric Fritsch (Sheryl Crow). 

Leaving Sydney at the last minute he had sent his microphone into Rode for a service. Changed flight times didn't allow for it to be picked up but to his surprise on arriving in Nashville there was a message (through Mark Moffatt) that a new Rode microphone was waiting to be picked at Corner Music Nashville in place of the one still in Sydney.


 "I didn't know anyone at Rode microphones back then and so it really stuck with me that someone at Rode took the time to make sure I had a great Rode mic in the studio even though I was on the other side of the world. Using the Rode mic range for this project enables us to capture all our sound - whether it's out in no mans land or in the studio. An intimate conversation -  or 35 brass musicians, stand up bass, piano, acoustic, vocals and a banjo on a dust blown river bank way out west." - Hugh Scott Murray

Teaming up with statewide ABC drive time radio host Fiona Wyllie in 2015 for a series of stories about music in life across NSW started a searchto find the best way to capture high quality sound out in the field - interviews, enviroment and musical instruments. 

"We purchased a Zoom H6 that I use most days. We use it with the mic packs to record interviews and conversation whilst filming. I use it for smaller musical combos - eg in a rainforest outside Byron Bay with New York singers Lisa Hunt  and Rob Johnson along with a sitar, tabla and my piano. When it came to recording larger musical ensembles we have begun using the Zoom F8. With pre-amps running on battery we have been able to capture many musicians performing at one time out in the field far from a power supply, running toilet and generator. The freedom both high def digital recorders offer gives us the confidence to plan stories anywhere." - Hugh Scott Murray