Measuring up 'Tilly'

One month until take off. It's official! The watch has been sprung and the first day of 'Roll or Rust' with piano onboard the trailer is around March 6th. By chance Ash, who has thankfully undertaken the job of building the trailer/idea up from scratch - called to say he would drop around to measure up the old piano.

Back when learning piano was a chore and Monday afternoons was the time of reckoning with my very understanding piano teacher, the foot pedal would occasionally pop out of place. When I took up the piano later in my teens I recall vividly swearing mid song when, like a shoulder, the pedal would pop out again. It began to happen more often. "Sh#T" Off to the utensil draw in the kitchen to grab a silver bread and butter knife, then down on hands and knees to pull the front cover off before screwing in the rusty old screw tight enough so that the pedal would rock up and down but not come out.

My mate Ash today offered to take the pedal and work some of his welding magic on it.

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