When blue dogs play piano

The day before I take off I just went into town to pick up some tarps just in case the trailer leaks when amidst a thunderous western range storm. I took my dad and little boy for support and it was the first time out on the road in the Pajero with the fully laden piano and trailer behind. Roads in the Manning district range from some of the best ... see the new section of the Pacific Highway - to the worst - see Buckets Way heading west. My dad pointed us down the Buckets way and I got to say it was the perfect way to test out the whole set up. Happy to say that apart from a couple of little things that snapped.. ie metal trailer door bolt ... and one string... 'Tilly' the piano and the trailer with stood their first ride together.

Is there nothing a length of fencing wire can't fix :)

I stopped in at Ashleigh's house for some last minute adjustments before heading off tommorrow morning early. We had a bit of music when family dropped around and then Tony, who helped sheet metal the trailer, asked jis dog Junior to play a guest spot.

Am I nervous about the departure up and over the great deviding range tommorrow.


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