Keeping it in tune

The idea for the 'Roll or Rust' project came about from a wanting to spend more time at the piano whilst sorrounded by a new enviroment, location and people. Writing songs teaches you to be alert for ideas that poke you in the senses. A lyric that you can taste like a cut lip or a melody that hangs around even though you've left the room you wrote it in. Sitting here at the laptop in my studio I am 100% in my comfort zone. A cup of tea, a couple of microphones, instruments and an old wire fan to keep a breeze blowing through. I imagine when I pull out of the drive with a couple of ton of strings and soundboard on a trailer pulling out towards the inarrds of Australia it'll fall to about 20%.

For the past five years or so I have been intrigued at how music resonates in everyday life below top 40 radio. Or should that read... everyday life ... above top 40 radio.

When filling friends in on what I am up to the first question invariably is "Will the piano stay in tune on those outback roads?" I don't know anyone who has done it before that we could


ask which makes it a pretty good reason to do it. Stay tuned!!!

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