Swingin' Hammer

Some swing hammers. Others like me ... pay those who swing hammers so that stuff stands up when it's supposed to... and.. so that it looks square next to other things built straight. A few years ago on the way home from a country hall show I saw a timber set of stairs that had been pulled apart and left on the side of the road. Loading the hardwood slabs amongst the pianos and speakers I started to map out in my head how I was going to build a rustic looking table for outside the studio around which musicians could sit between recording takes - nursing coolish coffee and jagged finger nails. With splintered palms and a couple of empty boxes of large nails I stood back after a couple of long days banging and felt the kin as though I had joined a bretheren of tool weilders.

A builder mate dropped in the week after, his gaze was drawn from the scratching dog and to my timber masterwork. He said I qoute 'If you keep bangin' nails into something... eventually it will stand up'

With that in mind and knowing that no matter how many nails I threw at the trailer to keep the child hood piano dry I needed to call on a swingin' hammer person with a creative touch. I dialled a local named Ash who has in the past cut rust and welded new rigour into the 40ft Big Ol' Bus. After leading bands for 20 years you quickly get catch if somebody is signing up for just money or for a mix of that and a creative ride. When Ash dropped in to see the trailer today and heard what I had planned it was quickly apparent he saw the vision and wanted to help me get there. I put my $4.99 hammer and $23 electric drill back in the laundry and exhaled with relief.

I see a corrolation in the way some tradesman work their mind over ideas for steel, timber and soil and the artistry I see in great artists like Neil Finn. A fluidity to taking parts and making them a whole.

My table is still standing by the way. A one hit wonder? Too many nails!

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